23 August 2013

South Africa: 587 rhinos killed by poachers so far in 2013

According to the latest statistics released by the Department of Environmental Affairs and South Africa National Parks (SANParks), South Africa has lost 587 rhinos to illegal poaching since the beginning of 2013. Of the rhinos poached, 362 rhinos were killed in the Kruger National Park, 60 in North West, 60 in KwaZulu-Natal, 59  in Limpopo, 39 in Mpumalanga, 3 in Gauteng and 2 in the Eastern Cape and in the Marakele National Park respectively.
To date 167 alleged rhino poachers have been arrested in South Africa since the start of 2013. Since the beginning of the year, 66 alleged poachers have been arrested in the Kruger National Park, while 37 in KwaZulu-Natal and another 36 have been arrested in Limpopo.

Latest rhino poaching figures (as of 23 August 2013):  
  • Kruger National Park (SANParks) - 362 rhinos poached
  • Marakele National Park (SANParks) - 2 rhinos poached
  • Gauteng - 3 rhinos poached
  • Limpopo - 59 rhinos poached
  • Mpumalanga - 39 rhinos poached
  • North-West Province - 60 rhinos poached
  • Eastern Cape - 2 rhinos poached
  • Free State - 0 rhino poached
  • KwaZulu Natal - 60 rhinos poached
  • Western Cape - 0 rhino poached
  • Northern Cape - 0 rhino poached

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) is urging members of the public to report incidents of rhino poaching or any tip-offs to the anonymous tip-off lines 0800 205 005, 08600 10111 or Crime-Line on 32211.


  1. Guys i was told about the Rhino shoes that are being launched. Does any one know who is doing this and where can i can buy these shoes? As i think it is an awesome idea to show our respect and love for the Rhinos.

  2. never heard about "rhino shoes"...