26 August 2013

SA Express: More flights between Johannesburg <> Cape Town & Johannesburg <> Durban

South African airline SA Express has increased its flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town and between Johannesburg and Durban. Since 19 Aug 2013 and 23 Aug 2013 respectively, the airline operates extra flights on Fridays and Sundays between the three citys.
  • Johannesburg > Cape Town at 14:20
  • Cape Town > Johannesburg at 18:20
  • Johannesburg > Durban 12:20
  • Durban > Johannesburg 16:45
SA Express is a domestic and regional passenger carrier in Southern Africa. Although operationally independent of the country's flag carrier South African Airways, SA Express' flights are incorporated within the strategic alliance with South African Airways and privately owned SA Airlink.

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