01 March 2013

South Africa: Four new episodes of "Africa on a plate"

update (04 March 2013): I had a chat with the dudes from "Africa on a plate" over the weekend. Their show will get hosted on mweb.co.za from the 11 March 2013 and another 12 episodes are in the making! Awesome!

Do you remember the webseries "Africa on a plate" with host/chef Lentswe Bhengu? Well, Lentswe and team are back with a couple of new episodes. I just stumpled on a trailer for season one (!?!?), as well as about four new episodes. It also seems that "Africa on a plate" will soon be a regular web show on mweb.co.za. Anyway, enjoy the four new episodes filmed at the Tokai EarthFair Food Market, at Madame Zingara's "The Sidewalk Cafe", at the Vergelegen Wine Estate and at Josephine's Cookhouse. We will keep you posted as soon as we know a little more about the future plans of the webseries "exploring the wild & real culinary world of Africa".

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