18 March 2013

Kruger National Park: Gate quotas from 20 March - 07 April 2013

Kruger National Park will implement gate quotas during the coming school holidays which start on Wednesday, 20 March until Sunday, 07 April 2013. Day visitors are advised to either arrive at one of Kruger's ten gates very early in the morning because the service is on "first come first serve" basis or pre-book their entrance with central reservations office.
Pre-booking comes with a non-refundable deposit of R30 per adult and R15 per child entering Kruger National Park; which must be paid in advance and is meant to ensure their space because they would have been counted in the number that made the daily quota.
Day visitors with advanced bookings are expected to arrive at the booked gate by no later than 13:00 on the date of the booking, after which the booking lapses.

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