06 February 2013

South Africa: Cape Agulhas Lighthouse closed for renovations

update (10 Dec 2013): The Cape Agulhas Lighthouse is open to the public as of today (10 Dec 2013). New developments and features await your viewing at the restored lighthouse. The Cape Agulhas Lighthouse will open from 9h00 to 11h30 and 12h00 to 17h00. The last tower climb of the day is at 16h30. Tariffs are R22.00 per adult and R11.00 per child under 12 years.

update (28 June 2013): It seems that the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse is about to reopen. Via Facebook: "Renovations to the lighthouse are coming along nicely - here's a sneak peek"

update (06 June 2013): Renovations to the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse are almost finished! We'll keep you posted!

The historic Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, located on the southern edge of the village of Agulhas close to the southernmost tip of Africa in the Cape Agulhas National Park, is closed to the public for renovations since 04 Feb 2013 due to erosion that has caused structural damage outside and inside the building. Renovations to the interior and the exterior (e.g. construction of the new Southern Tip boardwalk) of the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse already started in November 2012, but South Africa's second-oldest still operating lighthouse was kept open to the public over the busy tourism season to accommodate visitors.

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During the closure, visitors are urged instead to visit the southernmost point and take a walk along the already completed sections of the Southern Tip footpath and boardwalk.
While Transnet owns and is responsible for the actual Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, South African National Parks (SANParks) is responsible for the upgrade of the lighthouse precinct. We'll keep you posted!

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