13 February 2013

Mozambique introduced new visa requirements for tourists

update (20 Feb 2013): Tourism portal "Tourism Update" is reporting about the "new" visa regulations in Mozambique today and is pointing out, that the visa regulations have, in fact, not changed but the existing regulations will be enforced more strictly at the borders following some problems with illegal immigrants. The portal is also quoting a spokesperson for the Mozambique High Commission in Pretoria saying that border visas will only be issued to people travelling for purposes of tourism who are coming from countries where there is no Mozambican consular representation. Travellers from countries that have a Mozambique consulate will need to apply for a tourism visa before travelling.
On the other hand, "Tourism Update" got information from ACIS, a Mozambican non-profit business association, that there is room for approval of a border visa for travellers who have not had time to apply for a visa if they can demonstrate that they have an urgent need for the visa. However the issue of a visa in this case is discretionary.
It still seems advisable to contact your next consulate of Mozambique before travelling there...

(update 19 Feb 2013): Important update for travellers from countries where Mozambique does not have a consulate, such as Australia: Australians, who want to travel to Mozambique, have to arrange a (min.) three-day stopover in Johannesburg/Pretoria, or mail their passports to the United Kingdom for their visa application while still in Australia.

According to the African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA) and Jenman Safaris, Mozambique has introduced new visa requirements for tourists. All visas to enter the country must now be applied for and obtained before travel to enter Mozambique. It is not possible anymore for tourist to purchase the popular non-renewable single-entry visa with a validity of 30 days right at the border (land borders and airports). In a news update issued on 13 Feb 2013, ATTA is mentioning that there have [already] been a number of recent reports of visitors being refused this service, resulting in them being turned back from border posts and airports.
The new new visa requirements apply to citizens and nationals of all countries except citizens of the following: Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe as they do not require an entry visa when traveling to Mozambique for Tourism.
For more information regarding visa applications and personal information required, contact your nearest Mozambican embassy or consulate.

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