10 July 2012

Namibia: Swakopmund airstrip to reopen!

update (06 Aug 2012): According to various blog posts, flights are starting/landing again at Swakopmund's airport.

The Municipality of Swakopmund finally regained control of the airport in Swakopmund after it won an appeal case in the Namibian Supreme Court on 28 June 2012.
The Municipality's first priority is now to get the airport’s operational safety licence back from the Namibian Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA), which was withdrawn from the airstrip due to the poor and unsafe condition of the main landing strip, resulting in the closure of the airport.

The two other important aspects in ensuring the reopening of the airport in Swakopmund are that the landing strip is getting fixed and resurfaced and that the fuel storage area is getting relocated.

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