16 April 2012

Vodacom launches low flat rates for Africa roaming

Good news for travellers in Southern and Eastern Africa. Vodacom South Africa recently announced that all customers, both contract and prepaid, can now expect huge roaming savings when travelling to 6 African countries where Vodacom and Vodafone operate. These countries include the DR Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique and Tanzania.
Once international roaming has been activated, you will automatically qualify for these rates. All Vodacom customers are now automatically charged at the reduced international roaming rates when roaming on the Vodacom Lesotho, Vodacom Mozambique, Vodacom Tanzania, Vodacom DR Congo networks, Vodafone Ghana and Kenya Safaricom networks. To ensure you are always roaming on the network, change the network settings from "automatic" to "manual" on your device when you arrive at your destination, and choose the qualifying network from the list.

Data (Data roaming is only available to Contract customers and charged in 10KB increments)   
  • R5/MB
Voice (Voice calls are charged on a per minute basis)
  • Free incoming calls
  • Local Voice call - R2.90
  • Call back to South Africa or an International call - R5.00
  • Local and international SMS messages - R1.50 per SMS
  • Free incoming SMS messages


  1. Why does this exclude Zambia when Vodacom is now available there?

  2. Well, the post is about a year old...