11 April 2012

Great promo video - Waterkloof Wines (Somerset West)

Although the following video is actually promo video about Waterkloof Wines in Somerset West, it has a certain documentary-style and is definitely worth watching it.
Waterkloof Wines, located off the Sir Lowry’s Pass Road, is not a conventional wine estate. Their approach is to cultivate the berries and produce the wine in a as natural way as possible by using bio-dynamic & sustainable farming, minimal intervention and a traditional approach to wine making. They somehow carried the concept of "slow food" over to "wine making" and created their own concept of "slow wine".
Talking about "slow food" - you should also visit the Waterkloof Restaurant which is definitely worth a visit and, of course, a try. It is a bit upmarket, but if you can afford it, have a meal there. Anyway, enjoy the 8min film!

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