04 April 2012

South Africa: 159 rhinos killed by poachers so far in 2012

South Africa's Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa said on Wednesday (04 April 2012) that the number of rhinos poached in the country this year stands at the "alarming figure" of 159. 95 out of the 159 rhinos got killed by poachers in Kruger National Park alone.
"This is no longer an environmental management problem ONLY, but it has become a matter in which we have involved all law enforcement agencies. Operation Rhino continues and remains a standing agenda item of the National Joints Committee (Nat Joints Com), which comprises of senior members of SAPS Organised Crime Unit, The Hawks, NPA and the South African National Defence Force."
Minister Edna Molewa said furthermore that 90 people had been arrested for poaching this year in South Africa. Click here for her full statement.
Compared to the last stats published 6 days ago, 9 more rhinos have been illegally killed in South Africa, but no additional arrests of poachers have been made. Shocking!

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  1. Shocking and ridiculous! How are they getting away with it? It's obvious that the 90 that have been caught have had no impact on the poaching crime. The Minister and the Crime Unit are going to have to be cleverer if they are to bring down this poaching ring of criminals. Thanks for posting the story.