30 April 2010

Johannesburg: Taxi Hand Signals User Guide

Travellers coming to South Africa probably all wonder about the hand signals people along the streets and roads use to stop minibuses. All these hand signals do indeed have a special meaning and indicate the person's next destination, or the taxi route they would like to follow.

The system is pretty complex and you need to have a very good knowledge of the area to fully understand it. Therefore the City of Johannesburg created a Taxi Hand Signals User Guide (pdf) to give an overview and to make the system somehow understandable. Well, good luck!


  1. I wouldn't advise foreign visitors to use these minbus taxi's though...

  2. Said like a true South African - you can ride some Taxi's safely in certain areas. You can get your tour guide or travel agent to recommend a route that you can take to get the true experience. I have done it and it offers such a nice insight into the real South Africa. The people are really friendly - most "South Africans" have not even experienced it but are quick to ill advise - shame on you - you have a such wonderful country. Every country has it's good and bad. Get over yourselves and open your eyes to what you have...

    1. I totally agree with the above. Jo'burg is great. Taxi's are generaly safe and reliable!