05 February 2010

Southern African recipes: Boerewors

Boerewors - a spicy sausage that no self respecting South African Braai can be without, if you can't make it yourself, ask your local butcher to make some for you.

• 1.5kg beef
• 1.5kg pork
• 500g bacon, diced
• 25ml salt
• 5ml ground pepper
• 50ml ground coriander
• 2ml freshly grated nutmeg
• 1ml ground cloves
• 2ml ground dried thyme
• 2ml ground allspice
• 125ml red wine vinegar
• 1 clove garlic, crushed
• 50ml Worcestershire sauce
• 85g sausage casings

1. Cut the beef and pork meat into 1.5 " cubes and mix it with all the other ingredients except the sausage casings.
2. Grind the meat using a medium-course grinding plate
3. Fill the sausage casings firmly but not too tightly with the meat mixture.
4. Can be fried, grilled or barbecued over coals.
Makes 3.5 kg

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