30 August 2019

South Africa: ACSA has grounded all SA Express flights! [update]

update (30 August 2019): SA Express announced on Facebook, that all operations have resumed as of 14:40 today with the flight to Lubumbashi International Airport (FBM) in Lubumbashi (DR Congo).

Due to non-payment of airport fees accrued over a period of time Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) has suspended South African airline SA Express from landing and taking off from its nine airports in South Africa. According to the airport management company, the decision to suspend the state-owned airline is necessary to ensure fairness to all airlines. 
In the meantime, SA Express announced in a press release that the airline is working hard, together with its key stakeholders, to ensure a speedy resolution of the challenges that have affected its operations. We'll keep you posted!

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