30 November 2018

Tanzania launched an electronica visa application service!

Tanzania has launched an electronic visa application service for foreign nationals wishing to visit the East African country (including Zanzibar). The country provides single entry visa, multiple entry visa, transit visa and business visa. The introduction of the so-called "eVisa" aims at removing unneccessary bureaucracy and delays that foreign visitors to Tanzania had to deal with in the past. The Government of Tanzania also expects to boast the state revenue as all visa fees will be be paid by applicants electronically through it's e-payment system. As of today (30 November 2018) the website of the eVisa-service is only available in a mix of Englisch and Swahili.

Tanzania, eVisa, electronic visa, screenshot, Zanzibar
screenshot via https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/visa/

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