22 July 2010

Tourbrief: Guides stopped at Namibian border

Namibian tourism info service tourbrief.com is reporting that all guides who are not in possession of valid work permits are currently being stopped at Namibian borders. This is having a particularly serious impact on overlanders. It is vital that all non-Namibian guides have valid work permits before departing for the Namibian border.
Didn't this happen last year as well?

UPDATE (17 Aug 2010): Tourism Update is reporting that South African tour ops are still struggling to obtain the temporary visas they need to travel with tourists in Namibia and that the Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs is reportedly still struggling with a great backlog when it comes to issuing visas.

UPDATE (05 Aug 2010): via Tourbrief.com - TASA (Tour & Safari Association Namibia) has noted that the following details should be attended to in completing work permit and visa applications:
  • Application forms must be complete and legible
  • All dates should be present
  • The application must be signed by the applicant
  • Applications must be made within the relevant submission periods: for work visas, a minimum of 14 days prior to entry to Namibia / for work permits, a minimum of 3 months prior to entry to Namibia (including renewals)
  • Motivation letters
  •  Legible passport copies (the ministry has indicated that they prefer passport copies scanned in colour
Ignoring these details will result in delays to applications.

UPDATE (28 July 2010): via namibian.com.na "During the past two weeks about eight overlander trucks and busses wanting to enter Namibia from South Africa were stopped at Namibia's borders due to temporary visas that had not yet been issued. This is the second time this year that this problem has occurred. At the end of January over 40 overlander trucks and busses were stopped at the borders, with some even having been turned back."

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  1. I think that is good. Every reputable operator knows that they need the permits, and it is only the chancer who don't get them. Namibia is so full of foreign guides who don't know much about anything.