09 July 2019

Namibia: New rhino and elephant poaching figures! [update]

update (24 July 2019): According to Namibia's "Allgemeine Zeitung", two poached rhinos have been discovered in Etosha National Park. This brings the number of illegally killed rhinos to 23 in 2019, while a total of eight elephants have been poached since January 2019.

According to the latest poaching statistics by Namibia's Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET), the country has lost 19 rhinos and 7 elephants to illegal poaching since the beginning of 2019. In May 2019, the MET recorded 18 incidents in which eight animals were killed. Most poaching incidents took place on private and custodian farms. Six poaching incidents were recorded in Etosha National Park and Waterberg Plateau Park. In 2018, a total of 57 rhinos and 26 elephants were poached in Namibia while a total of 120 suspected poachers were arrested.

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