23 July 2019

Namibia: The City of Windhoek has renamed Burg Street!

The City of Windhoek has renamed Burg Street in Windhoek's suburb Klein Windhoek after Dr Theo-Ben Gurirab (Dr Theo-Ben Gurirab Street) as part of the city's naming/renaming policy to pay tribute to heroes and leaders who selflessly championed the struggle to liberate oppressed people across the world. Theo-Ben Gurirab (23 January 1938 – 14 July 2018) was a Namibian politician who served in various senior government positions, such as Minister of Foreign Affairs (1990 - 2002), Prime Minister (2002 - 2005) and Speaker of the National Assembly (2005 - 2015). Before Namibia's independence, Dr Theo-Ben Gurirab served as Associate Representative of the SWAPO Mission to United Nations and United States (1964 - 1972), Head of the SWAPO Mission to the United Nations (1972 - 1986) and as SWAPO's Secretary for Foreign Affairs (1986 - 1990).

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