20 July 2018

Cape Town's "Unfinished Bridge" to remain unfinished! [UPDATE]

update (23 July 2018): According to Cape Town's Mayor, Patricia De Lille, the project to finish the Foreshore Freeway Bridge is not "dead and buried" and the city will try to find another way of making the project work. We'll keep you posted!

The project to finish Cape Town's "Unfinished Bridge", which was initiated by the City of Cape Town in 2016, has been shelved due to legal concerns and a controversy over alleged tender irregularities. The bridge will remain as is for now.

Cape Town, South Africa, unfinished bridge, Foreshore Freeway Bridge

The Foreshore Freeway Bridge, also known as  Cape Town's "Unfinished Bridge", was build in the 1970s, but got never completed. It actually stands in its unfinished state since construction officially ended in 1977.

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