15 March 2018

Botswana's first Diamond Museum has been opened to the public!

Debswana, the world's leading producer of diamonds by value, has officially opened Botswana's first diamond museum in Orapa in the country's Central District on 10 March 2018. The Adrian Gale Diamond Museum is intended to capture the diamond story and showcase anecdotes, artifacts of the critical period in the history of Botswana for the benefit of future generations. The museum, which is named after the late Dr. Adrian Gale, who was the then General Manager of Orapa Letlhakane and Damtshaa Mines (OLDM), also offers a curio shop, a coffee shop, storage area and a visitors lounge. Debswana also opened an extension of the Orapa Game Park on 10 March 2018. Both the Adrian Gale Diamond Museum and the extension of the Game Park are part of the mining company's "Orapa Today, Boteti Tomorrow (OTBT)" programme.

Orapa, which is considered to be the diamond capital of Botswana, is located about 520km (by car) from Gaborone and about 250km (by car) from Makgakgadi Pans National Park.

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