19 December 2017

Zambia & Zimbabwe to introduce toll fees for the Victoria Falls Bridge!

Zambia and Zimbabwe are set to introduce toll fees for the Victoria Falls Bridge on the border between the two countries from 01 January 2018. The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RATSA), an indipendent agent, has been contracted to collect the toll fees by Emerged Railways Properties (ERP), a company jointly owned by Zambia Railway Limited (ZRL) and National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ). The fees will be used for the refurbishment and maintenance of the Victoria Falls Bridge, which was constructed by the Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Company in 1905. The toll fee will be payable at the two border posts or at bridge entry points.

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Victoria Falls Bridge toll fees:

  • Haulage trucks: USD30
  • Buses: USD7
  • Commercial mini buses: USD5
  • Taxis and small vehicles with a gross weight less than two tonnes will be exempt

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