21 August 2017

South Africa: Kruger National Park to implement new ID control access

South African National Parks (SANParks) is currently implementing additional gate access control systems at the entrance gates in the southern part of Kruger National Park. As from 01 September 2017, all visitors who are 18 years old and above must produce a positive identity document for scanning in order to gain access. For non-South African visitors, they must produce passports but a South African driver's licence will also be acceptable. Visitors will still be required to go through their normal check-in or check-out at the gate receptions before proceeding to the security scanning process. 

Wild Dog, Kruger National Park, safari, South Africa

The new system, which applies to everybody including SANParks staff members, suppliers and other residents of
Kruger National Park, will assist with monitoring of people's movement who enter and exit the Park and will ensure that information related to any persons entering the Kruger National Park is centrally recorded and monitored.

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