08 August 2017

Namibia abolishes the concept of "daylight saving time" during winter!

update (09 Aug 2017): Namibia's current time is UTC+1. The time will change back to summer time (UTC+2) on 3 September 2017.

According to the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), the National Assembly of Namibia has passed the new Namibia Time Bill and repealed the 1994 Namibia Time Act. This results in the abolution of daylight saving time (winter time) in Namibia and introduction of a countrywide year-round single standard time (UTC+2; South African Standard Time (SAST)). Until now, Namibia (except for the Zambezi Region) switched from UTC+2 to UTC+1 on the first Sunday of April and back to UTC+2 on the first Sunday on September.

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