16 May 2017

South Africa: The world's widest Baobab has collapsed!

The famous Sunland "Big Baobab" in Modjadjiskloof in South Africa's Limpopo Province, known to be the widest of its species in the world, has topped over on 13 April 2017. The Baobab, which is carbon dated to be well over 1 700 years old, used to be 22 meters high and 47 meters in circumference. The trunk diameter was 10.64 meters and the crown diameter was 30.2 meters. Baobabs begin to hollow inside from a certain age and so did the "Big Baoboab". The owners of the farm the tree stands on cleared out the hollow centre of the tree and opened up the world famous "Baobab Tree Bar" inside the "Big Baobab" in 1993. The bar is now missing it's roof.

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