06 April 2017

Rafting on the Zambezi has been suspended for the season!

Rafting on the Zambezi has been suspended for the season in Victoria Falls  (Zimbabwe) and Livingstone (Zambia) on 02 April 2017 due to rising water levels. According to the chairman of the Rafting Association of Zimbabwe (RAZ), Mr Skinner Ndlovu, water levels are currently rising fast (about 5cm/day) and have already exceeded the cut off point, which makes rafing on the Zambezi too dangerous.

Rafting on the Zambezi is depending on the water levels, which are completely dictated by rainfall. Due to delayed inflows of water, this year's water levels of the Zambezi started to rise late. As a result, the 2016/17 rafting season also ended late. It is therefore hard to tell when the water levels will drop again and the RAZ will reopen rafting on the Zambezi. In previous years, the season mostly ended in March and reopend in late May after water levels started dropping in April. We are keeping an eye on it and keep you posted!

btw - The last operating day of Livingstone Island will be 14 April 2017; the location will reopen when water levels of the Zambezi recede.

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