04 January 2016

South Africa: Northern Cape named among Rough Guides' 10 regions to vist in 2016

The Northern Cape in South Africa has made it to a shortlist of 10 regions to visit in 2016, according to travel guide publishing company Rough Guides. The publisher names the following reasons why travellers shouldn't miss out the Northern Cape in 2016:
  • Northern Cape is covering one third of South Africa's landmass and seldom explored by visitors
  • long distance travel in the Northern Cape is rewarded with swathes of wildflowers blooming amid the region’s red dunes, mountain deserts and wildlife including the black-maned lion of the Kalahari
  • visit the lands of the San Bushmen, the oldest population of humans on Earth
  • indulge your inner adrenaline junkie with kayak tours into Richtersveld National Park via the Orange River's white-water rapids
    (via http://www.roughguides.com)

 Rough Guides' Top 10 regions 2016:
  1. Alaska, USA
  2. Gujarat, India
  3. Tasmania, Australia
  4. Quebec, Canada
  5. Tohoku, Japan
  6. Northern Cape, South Africa
  7. Lombok, Indonesia
  8. Calabia, Italy
  9. Castilla Y Leon, Spain
  10. The Western Isles, Scotland

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