07 January 2016

Kenya: 50 live broadcasts from the Maasai Mara and Watamu over 11 days!

update (19 Jan 2016): For all the video footage and pictures of #KenyaLive (including a video of the world's first live Periscope broadcast from the back of a sea turtle), visit http://www.discoverafrica.com/kenyalive!

Make It Kenya, a newly launched international campaign brand for Kenya, has teamed up with HerdTracker, a web-app which plots the precise location of the great wildebeest migration in real time to a Google map, to showcase Kenya's stunning wildlife with two world firsts in a series of live web broadcasts using a combination of the most innovative filming technology and Twitter's Periscope app. The #KenyaLive campaign enables people to witness the excitement of a night safari in the Maasai Mara - as well as Kenya's coastal underwater treasures - as the action happens in real time. To follow the live broadcasts, download the Periscope app (IOS - Android) and follow HerdTracker's channel from 07 - 18 January 2016.

07 - 13 January 2016 | Mara Conservancy Lion Interaction

The first of the live broadcasts will offer an unprecedented view of the lions in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy and the Naboisho Conservancy of the Maasai Mara, and what the conservancies have to offer: off-road game drives, fly camping, night game drive safaris as well as walking safaris. Viewers will be treated to a  series of live night broadcasts - the very first of their kind!

08 - 14 January 2016 | Local Ocean Trust, Watamu
The team will be in the coastal town of Watamu to host live broadcasts of the Local Ocean Trust project, including the world's first live underwater broadcasts. The project rescues sea turtles accidentally caught in fishing nets as bycatch before sending them back into their natural habitat. One very special broadcast will even involve live footage captured via "TurtleCam", using a GoPro strapped to a turtle's back.
Live broadcasts will also include some of the activities Watamu hast to offer: a dhow cruise, treetop yoga, kitesurfing as well as a live stand up paddleboard broadcast

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