23 November 2015

Namibia: 79 rhinos killed by poachers so far in 2015!

According to Namibia's Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the country has lost 79 rhinos to poaching so far in 2015. Of the 79 rhinos, most rhinos were poached in Etosha National Park. Some of the carcasses found in the National Park may actually be old and could therefore be the remains of animals that were killed before the start of 2015. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism offers rewards of N$60 000 for information that lead to the arrest and prosecution of rhino poachers.

Namibia has experienced a sharp increase in cases of rhino poaching over the past five years. Namibia lost one rhino to poaching in 2009 and 2010 respectively, two rhinos were illegally killed in 2012, four in 2013 and 25 in 2014. 

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