12 August 2014

South Africa: Status of the rhino population in the Kruger National Park

update (28 Nov 2014): South African National Parks (SANParks) has announced the successful completion of the first phase of the Strategic Rhino Translocation Programme in the Kruger National Park. [more]

According to the Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa is home to 82% of Africa's rhino, 93% of Africa's white rhino and 39% of Africa's black rhino. As of 2012, South Africa's rhino population was estimated at 21 000. Based on the latest population survey (2013) in the Kruger National Park, about 8 400 and 9 600 white rhinos are presently living in the National Park. Poaching, natural deaths and the translocation of rhino from the Kruger National Park presently match that of rhino births. This means that the rhino population in the Kruger National Park has stabilised.

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