04 June 2014

Kenya: Tourism recovery plan implemented to boost tourism

The goverment of Kenya has implemented a tourism recovery plan aimed at stimulating the struggling tourism sector in the country. As part of the initiative, the government reduced entrance fees for several National Parks (premium parks only?) in Kenya from US$90 to US$80. To encourage flights to Mombasa and Malindi, Kenya's government has reduced the airport taxes/landing fees by 40% for the Moi International Airport (IATA: MBA) in Mombasa and by 10% for the Malindi Airport (IATA: MYD) in Malindi. The goverment also allocated special funds to adapt the landing strips of the Malindi Airport to fit international standards, so that larger capacity aircrafts are allowed to land in Malindi. With effect from 29 May 2014, flight tickets sold by tourism professionals will also be exempt from the VAT.

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  1. The Moi International Airport has four terminals, including two passenger terminals. Terminal 1 has international and domestic departures and arrival stations, whereas Terminal 2 only handles international departures.