20 June 2014

Botswana: Okavango Delta named 1,000th UNESCO World Heritage Site

update (23 June 2014): The Okavango Delta in Botswana became the 1000th site inscribed on the World Heritage List. It was inscribed as a natural site by the World Heritage Committee [more]

The 38th Session of the World Heritage Committee (15-25 June 2014 in Doha, Qatar) has agreed to inscribe the Okavango Delta on the list of World Heritage Sites. The Okavango Delta is Botswana's second World Heritage Site; the country's first World Heritage Site is Tsodilo Hills which was inscribed in 2001. In his acceptance speech following the announcement Botswana's Minister of Environement, Wildlife and Tourism, the Tshedkedi Khama, assured the committee that Botswana will continue to work with relevant stakeholders, most importantly the communities living in and around the Okavango Delta, and the riparian States of Angola and Namibia to maintain the integrity of the Okavango Delta. We'll update the post as soon as more details are available!

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