06 February 2012

Rwanda: Rwanda Development Board to increase gorilla permit rate by 50%

The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) recently announced that it will increase the rates for gorilla permits in Rwanda by 50% from 01 June 2012. The price for a permit for foreigners will rise from US$500 to US$750, for foreign residents from US$250 to US$375, and permits for Rwandan nationals will rise from 20,000 Rwandan Francs (RWF; slightly over US$30) to 30,000 RWF (about US$50).
The permit allows visitors to experience a habituated family group of mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park for a period of one hour upon visual contact with the gorillas, and distance between mountain gorillas and people is kept at no less than seven meters. Only eight visitors are allowed per mountain gorilla group per day.
A contribution of 5% towards the communities surrounding the national parks under the revenue sharing programme is an activity that RDB is also committed to and this increase will also proportionally impact on this initiave.

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