07 February 2012

Kenya Wildlife Service released issue #1 of its e-science bulletin "The Wildlife Researcher"

Kenya's wildlife authority, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), has released the first issue of its e-science bulletin "The Wildlife Researcher" (pdf) to share information with internal and external customers on a number of research works and research-oriented activities being undertaken in Kenya to meet the KWS mandate as spelt out the wildlife law and expounded in the KWS strategic plan. Further issues of "The Wildlife Researcher" will be produced on quarterly basis.

Contents of the first issue of "The Wildlife Researcher" (pdf):
  1. Tall on land, towering on water – Giraffes on a yacht
  2. Splendour of our rift valley lakes earns global recognition
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment and Audits as tools for management of Protected Areas in Kenya
  4. Grevy’s zebra will not go the dodo way
  5. Elephants display their might in numbers in the Tsavo - Mkomazi ecosystem
  6. A bold way to contain a silent killer
  7. Informed wildlife conservation through effective data management
  8. Emerging techniques applicable in curbing wildlife crime - Clues from parasites
  9. Thoughts for managing illegal activities in Tsavo Ecosystem
  10. A tool to win space and time for wildlife: Evaluating conservancy establishment and viability

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