12 January 2010

Zanzibar: power on the island only back around end of February?

UPDATE (08 Mar 2010): Electricity is back in Zanzibar! (thx to quango (LP Thorn Tree))

The island of Zanzibar is without power since 10 Dec 2009 due to a breakdown affecting the 30-year-old undersea cable providing electricity from the Tanzanian mainland. Now the acting Energy Minister of Zanzibar told the media in a press conference that the power outage will last for a minimum of another 6 weeks (20 Feb 2010). He assured that the government of the semi-autonomous island is working 24/7 on the problem.
The opposition party (elections on Zanzibar are scheduled for later this year) is planning
a mass protest in Stone Town for Sunday (17 Jan 2010).

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  1. Electricity is back in Zanzibar! http://bit.ly/cE8rpZ

    thx to quango (LP Thorn Tree)