15 October 2018

Cape Town: MyCiTi bus drivers embark on strike!

update (02 October 2018): Cape Town's MyCiTi bus service is gradually returning to normalcy.

update (29 October 2018): Cape Town's MyCiTi bus service is not operating at capacity due to the fact that some bus drivers are still participating in the unprotected strike that has now entered its third week.

Cape Town's MyCiTi bus service is currently disrupted due to an (illegal) strike by some bus drivers. As a result, only a few routes are currently operating. It is unclear for how long the strike will continue, and when the MyCiTi service will be able to resume normal operations. The City of Cape Town is monitoring the situation and will inform the public accordingly. We'll keep you posted!MyCiTi is Cape Town's bus rapid transit (BRT) service. Since its launch in May 2010 until August 2018, approximately 89,4 million passenger journeys were recorded on the MyCiTi service.

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