09 April 2018

Zimbabwe has reviewed visa fees for American travellers!

Zimbabwe's Department of Immigration has reviewed visa fees for citizens of the United States of America. American tourists visiting Zimbabwe now have to pay US$160 for a a one year multiple entry visa. The Department of Immigration previously charged US$30 for a single entry visa issued on arrival, US$45 for a double entry visa and US$55 for a multiple entry visa.
According to the online edition of the Daily News, an independant Zimbabwean newspaper
, the new fees come after Zimbabwe and the US resolved to amend the visa regime between the two countries "to create uniformity".
  • American government officials assigned to Zimbabwe will be accorded accreditation status of one year on assumption of duty
  • American tourists will now be issued with multiple entry visas on arrival valid for twelve (12) months at a fee of US$160
  • American students enrolled at institutions of higher and tertiary education now pay US$160 from the current US$200 for a student permit
  • Those enrolled in primary and secondary schools now pay US$160 from the current US$100 for a scholar's permit

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