20 October 2017

South Africa: Malaria season update!

South Africa's National Insitute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) issued a new malaria alert on 19 October 2017. According to the alert, high numbers of malaria cases are currenly being reported in the malaria transmission areas in Limpopo and Mpumalanga. A modest increase in cases in the Kruger National Park and private reserves in the area has also been confirmed. It is therefore highly advised to take the necessary precautionary measures against malaria when visiting the affected regions.

South Africa, Malaria, Malaria Risk Area map
Malaria Risk Areas in South Africa
via http://www.nicd.ac.za/index.php/malaria-alert-03-may-2017/

The high numbers of malaria cases follow a very busy 2017 malaria season, which peaked in April and May and extended into June. High rainfall, humidity and ambient temperatures provided ideal conditions for malaria mosquito breeding and contributed to an increase in malaria cases in the southern African region. Unusually mild winter temperatures in malaria areas have allowed for ongoing mosquito and parasite development and led to an early and busy malaria season, which started already in August 2017. (via NICD)

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