08 December 2016

Malawi: Likoma Airport (LIX) granted international licence!

The governemt of Malawi has granted Likoma Airport (LIX) an international licence, so that international airlines are now allowed to land at and to start from the recently upgraded airport. The airport is located on Likoma Island, which has an overall area of 18 km² and is the larger of two inhabited Malawian islands in Lake Malawi.

Likoma Island and the smaller of the two inhabited islands in Lake Malawi, neighboring Chizumulu Island, both lie just a few kilometres from Mozambique and are entirely surrounded by Mozambican territorial waters. As of now, the only way to get to Likoma Island is by boat (from Nkhata Bay, duration: up to 5hrs+) or by charter aircraft (from Lilongwe; flight duration: 1hrs, $295 per person one way in Sept 2016).

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