20 October 2016

CNN's "Culinary Journeys" explores the cuisine of South Africa! (video)

In the October 2016 edition of Culinary Journeys, the CNN TV series explores South Africa's cuisine (it is actually more the cuisine of the Western Cape) together with one of the country's most famous celebrity chefs, Reuben Riffel. Enjoy!

Part 1: Cape Town's cuisine
Chef Reuben Riffel stops off at some of Cape Town's most lively food locations - working the grills at Mzoli's before picking up spices in the Bo Kaap. (via CNN)

Part 2: Heritage
Reuben Riffel travels beyond the city to visit a garden of indigenous herbs used by the native people of southwestern Africa. (via CNN)

Part 3: Braai
Reuben celebrates with a braai in the heart of the Cape Winelands: a true appreciation of friends, food and hospitality. (via CNN)

Culinary Journeys is a monthly TV series on CNN International. In each episode, a world-renowned chef invites CNN into their kitchen as they explore the foods that have shaped their careers.

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