24 June 2016

Cape Town named third cheapest city to buy beer in the world!

Cape Town in South Africa has been named third cheapest city to buy, and of course to drink, beer in the world in the 2016 GoEuro Beer Price Index. According to GoEuro, the average price for a 33cl beer in a supermarket in Cape Town is 0.46GBP (0.59€/0.67$) and 2,12GBP (2.73€/3.07$) in a bar. The cheapest city in the world to buy beer is Bratislava in Slovakia (0.35GBP | 1.93GBP), followed by Kiev in the Ukraine (0.47GBP | 1.82GBP).

Research for the 2016 Beer Price Index combines data from 70 cities from around the world and compares the average price of local beers between bars and shops, as well as comparing yearly average purchasing (South Africa: 379.72GBP) and consumption (South Africa: 98l). All prices were converted to Pound Sterling (GBP) using the Bloomberg exchange on 08 April 2016.

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