20 October 2015

Kruger National Park: Sirheni Concrete Dam to get removed for ecological reasons!

Kruger National Park (KNP), in conjunction with South African National Defence Force (SANDF), has started to demolish the wall of the Sirheni Concrete Dam at Sirheni Bushveld Camp on 19 October 2015 (until 23 October 2015) for ecological reasons. The Camp is located at the edge of Kruger National Park's northern plains within the Mopane veld of the region. The Mphongolo River lies next to the Sirheni Bushveld Camp. The Sirheni Concrete Dam was damaged beyond repair during the 2013 floods. Explosives will be used to demolish the dam wall, after which the remains will be removed as part of the rehabilitation process.
The area around the target structure will be cleared to ensure animals and human beings are safe. Ranger and Military staff will be on the ground throughout and the road leading to the dam will also be temporarily closed. Kruger National Park has been closing redundant artificial water points for the past eight years, the last one having taken place in December 2014.

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