17 December 2013

G Adventures: Rwanda one the five hottest destination travel trends for travellers in 2014

The largest small group adventure travel company in the world, G Adventures, has indentified the five hottest destination travel trends for travellers in 2014. Based on various indicators, such as growth figures, demand and market trends, the tour operator selected Rwanda as one of the countries to visit in the upcoming year. The other four destinations on the Top Five list are Indonesia, Ecuador, Morocco and Turkey.
One of the main reasons for G Adventures to name Rwanda is the introduction of the East Africa cross-border visa for travel to Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. The new regulation makes it possible for visitors to travel to all three countries on one visa. The joint visa costs $100 and will be launched on 1st January 2014.
G Adventures will also run its first-ever trip to Rwanda in 2014. The Rwanda and Uganda Gorilla and Chimp Adventure is a nine-day trip through Rwanda and Uganda (Kigali to Entebbe). The tour includes an orientation tour of Kigali, a guided Mountain Gorilla Trek with permits, a Golden Monkey Trek with permits, a guided Chimpanzee Trek with permits, safari game drives in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Wildlife boat cruise in Kazinga Channel etc.. As there are only a limited number of permits available for the primate trekking it is not unusual for permits to be sold out as far as 6 months prior. G Adventures therefore recommends to book this trip as far in advance as possible.

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