15 June 2010

How to tune out the vuvuzela sound on your TV

With too many people complaining about the sound of the vuvuzelas during the 2010 World Cup matches it was pretty much obvious that the net will be full of ideas on how to tune the noice out from an early stage in the tournament on. Well, the first and currently probably most prominent instructions were circulating on Twitter from @Cliff (and www.pocket-lint.com) and are suggesting you have to do the following to get rid of the vuvuzela noise:

Step 1: enter the sound settings for your TV, find the equaliser.
Step 2: drop the 300Hz channel (which Samsung TVs have, second from left), and raise the adjacent levels.
Step 3: save as a custom setup (if you can).

It seemed to have worked for some viewers, but not for all. The advice has been met by some mixed reviews on Twitter - form "yeah, thx" to "frak, it is making the noise even worse".

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