24 September 2009

MASSIVEGOOD initiative - airline tickets to raise cash for AIDS fight

The Millennium Foundation for Innovative Finance for Health today announced MASSIVEGOOD, a new, innovative travel-related fundraising initiative that will help finance health care for the world's poor. During a high level meeting at the United Nations, leading representatives of the global travel and tourism industry joined, for the first time ever, to declare their support for this program.
The initiative will allow travelers to give a small $2 'micro-contribution' every time they purchase travel services which will go towards fighting HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in developing countries through a WHO-hosted organization, UNITAID.(via prnewswire)


  1. I think this is wonderful but please could someone tell me where all this money that streams into Africa actually is going too?

    Have a little watch of this documentary, if you can get hold of it, as it illustrates in laymens terms that all this money actually doesn't seem to be going were it's needed.

    If that fails please buy a copy of 'Dead Aid' by Dambiso Moyo.

    Into the Light
    United States, 2007, 72min, English Subtitles
    Director: Peter Glenn
    Tanzanian sociologist Mama Lyimo embarks on a 40-day journey across the East African state. Lyimo wants to know why hundreds of thousands die from AIDS each year, despite the millions of dollars and human resources spent on fighting the disease. Her frustrations are heightened by the most haunting consequence of the pandemic: multitudes of children left with
    no one to care for them, no one to comfort hem and no one to teach them right from wrong. Lyimo is determined to find answers through her cross country mission. When she befriends
    an AIDS orphan named Suzy, her personal journey becomes more urgent and intimate than she could have ever imagined.
    Courtesy of the Director

  2. thx Keri! Just watched the trailer... will put it on the blog to raise awareness of the siutation (1 out of 14 has HIV/AIDS, right?) amongst the travellers coming to Tanzania.